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Galatians Outline

Galatians outline and timeline.

The Gospel of Grace & Justification

Personal: Justification by Faith Defended (1:1-2:21)

Address Topic
1:1-9 Introduction
1:10-24 The Gospel of Grace Came by Revelation
2:1-10 The Gospel of Grace Was Approved by the Church in Jerusalem
2:11-21 The Gospel of Grace Was Vindicated in the Rebuke of Peter, the Chief of the Apostles

Doctrinal: Justification by Faith Explained (3:1–4:31)

Address Topic
3:1-5 The Experience of the Galatians: The Spirit is Given by Faith, Not by Works
3:6-9 The Example of Abraham: He was Justified by Faith, Not by Works
3:10–4:11 Justification Is by Faith, Not by the Law
4:12-20 The Galatians Received Their Blessings by Faith, Not by Law
4:21-31 Law and Grace Are Mutually Exclusive

Practical: Justification by Faith Applied (5:1–6:18)

Address Topic
5:1-12 The Position of Liberty: Stand Fast
5:13-15 The Practice of Liberty: Serve and Love One Another
5:16-26 The Power of Liberty: Walk by the Spirit
6:1-10 The Performance of Liberty: Do Good to All Men
6:11-18 The Conclusion


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2022-07-08 Paul Pham 1:1-12 Gospel is Jesus
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